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Downtown Manhattan (Private Tour)

Visit Iconic Neighborhoods!

Quick Details

Private Tour (up to 4 people)
Additional Child (6-12)
Additional Adults (13+)

Explore NoHo, the Lower East Side and Chinatown

Our tour of three iconic neighborhoods begins in the NoHo neighborhood on a street that brings together the Italian & Jewish mafia, Andy Warhol and iconic punk culture.

We will walk through the bustling streets of the Lower East Side which tell the story of New-York’s first immigrant neighborhood and enjoy some of the iconic food it offers. We will explore the graffiti works, visit an iconic cafe dedicated to counter culture and see contemporary art exhibits in some of the best galleries the city has to offer.

We will cross through the narrow streets and colorful markets of Chinatown to explore some of its magic, enter a Buddhist temple that was once an Adult film theater, walk through the parks where women play infinite bridge and men play cards and forget for a moment we are in New York.