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Private Harlem Tour

Our Most Popular Tour!

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Private Tour (up to 4 people)
Additional Adult (13+)
Additional Child (6-12)

Explore the History, Music, Art & Food of Harlem

Our popular Harlem tour takes us through a neighborhood which for years was associated with New-York’s dangerous appeal, and is undergoing major cultural, demographic and economic changes that brings its old glory back with a revival of jazz clubs, theaters, exotic restaurants and art galleries.

Gospel music, street art, religion and soul food alongside the unique rhythm of the Harlem streets will expose a fascinating blend of African, Latin, Afro-American and European cultures that serve as a microcosmos of the American society- immigrants, outcasts, slaves, gold seekers, pioneers, explorers and visionaries.

The tour begins in central Harlem, where we will enter one of the churches famous for its authentic gospel service and hospitality. We will visit an authentic african market with a unique vision, tell the story of a special mosque which reveals identity seeking and local trauma. We will walk through the colorful streets and explore some of Harlem’s rich history- from its early days as a Dutch colony through its glorious Harlem renaissance age to its becoming an Afro-American epicenter and soul food empire.