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Private Graffiti Tour in Bushwick

A Vibrant Tour!

Quick Details

Private Tour (up to 4 people)
Adult (13+)
Child (6-12)

Discover the Street Art in Bushwick

Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn is a vibrant epicenter of alternative culture in New-York and more than any other neighborhood today is associated with the anti-establishment culture and bustling creativity that was once Manhattan’s domain. We will tour the streets densely populated with graffiti works by some of the best international artists which helped shape the neighborhood as an open-air museum and the world’s most vibrant street art scene.

The graffiti tour gives us a peak into a world of art, protest, culture wars and illegal guerrilla art done under the veil of night inviting us to try and solve its mystery.

Walking alongside old worker wood houses and small warehouses will take us back half a century, while the many new hip bars and cafes will remind us that the neighborhood, which was founded in the 17th century and until a decade ago still considered a dangerous crime zone, is rapidly changing. This is almost a last chance to witness a piece of culture before it vanishes and experience the vibrant coexistence of Latin and hipster cultures before gentrification changes the face of this neighborhood for good.