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Subway Tour

The Underground City!

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Adult (13+)
Child (6-12)
Private Tour

Explore the Art of the Underground City

This tour gives you an opportunity to get to know the city from below, spiced with the story of colorful key figures and a chronicle of intrigue, scams, and class warfare. The New York Subway is perhaps the largest public art gallery in the world, and for more than 100 years, it has collected works of art that tell the story of this extraordinary city in an unusual way. The tour takes us from the first station in the city, which has long since been abandoned and few know of its existence, to the newest station as we explore the fine contemporary art decorating the walls of the Savoy tunnels.

We start with the lively Union Square, where we go through a contemporary work of art that incorporates the ruins of the original wall of the station that opened in 1904. From there, we embark on a journey underground, where some of the mystery of the city is revealed through stations connected with dramatic events in city life, ancient and contemporary art, and of course music.

We take our heads out of the ground at Battery Park, located in the ancient port city of New Amsterdam, where the story of New York began. We see the Statue of Liberty on the horizon and the Manhattan waterline, then return to the bottom. We visit an architectural masterpiece built beneath the earth on the ruins of the Twin Towers — perhaps the biggest scar in the history of the city — and we finish the tour near the Meuse Museum, close to the Metropolitan Museum and many other museums.